A project to get young Europeans voting in the 2024 European elections – #Europe4All:VotingForAllOfUs

There are over 400 million people eligible to vote in the EU Parliament elections yet almost 200 million didn´t the last time elections were held in 2019. Stastistically, the younger you are, the less likely you are to vote: indviduals aged 55 or over represent the majority of the electorate. The YEUF project´s main goal is to get young people in all 27 member States interested and voting in the upcoming European Elections in May 2024. We will aim to get as many people as possible interested and invested in the EU by organising both large and small scale awareness raising activities all over the EU and by identifying and training “Change Makers” in each country. The change makers will be indivduals and collectives chosen by all project partner organisations and will receive training to be effective proponents of the EU. After being trained they will in turn go on to organise their own activities and small projects all over the EU so that as many people as possible are made aware of the importance of the EU and of the upcoming elections.

The project partners form part of at least one of these international networks: “Dynamo Internaional Street Workers Network” and the “Network of Former Winners of the Youth Charlemagne Prize”, organisations that specialise in education and empowerment of young people. 

Objectives and main activities

The main objective is to get as many people as possible interested in the EU and motivated to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections in May 2024 through awareness raising activities at the international, national, and local level. The main target of this project are young people with fewer opportunities as they tend to be the most disenfranchised. The project can be split in three broad headers:

  1. International gathering and training event for all project partners to assist them and their Change Makers in coordinating communications and awareness raising efforts;
  2. One high level national event in the capital city of each European Country with the participation of national media, politicians, civil society and general public to raise awareness of the project and create new partnerships; and
  3. The 8-12 change makers identified in each country will organise at least two local awareness raising events on the EU to be attended by at least 20 people per activity.